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I hurt myself in a place I promised myself I would never self harm in again...

i feel embarrassed and am thinking of the impacts this will have on absolutely everything.

i feel ashamed and like a fool.

i don't know how I can face the day tomorrow. Or for the next year while these marks fade.

i feel humiliated by myself.

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Hi Kona.

I know it can feel like failure when self harm comes back.

Relapse, though, seems to be a natural and normal part of any change process.

Any thoughts about where your resources and skills could use a little shoring up after reflecting on what happened?

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I've screwed up and gone back to cutting so many times before, its a normal part of recovery, and it doesn't do any good to be too down on yourself about it.

Just focus on what made you do it, improving on whatever you can, and trying to not go back to cutting again.

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I'm sorry you're dealing with shame and embarrassment.  I agree with the above: Slip-ups happen and don't mean you aren't fighting hard.

I like that you mentioned the scars fading, as it shows an understanding that you will move through this.

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