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is it self harm if its to deal with a pimple/infection?

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Sometimes my ears/fingers/legs have weird pimples or maybe small infections is closer to correct, but anyways; sometimes those areas swell with a pimple or small infection and getting them back to normal can be hard.

So ive made small cuts or used a needle in those areas to open them up, drain them, and then let them heal, and if it seems like it needs it, i use hydrogen peroxide as well.

It may seem reoccurring, but timing doesn't seem to fit, like i could have a problem with my ears, then it can be years before its my ears again, and even from one area to another may take months and it doesn't seem to correlate with anything.

Am i glorifying self harming myself, or does it not count because im not doing it following regular logic, i don't fall back into self harm to feel better or anything like that, and it doesn't scar like self harm usually does? 

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