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Soo I've been questioning some things all, my life they told me I have borderline personality disorder this year they brought up bipolar ... An I started meds ... So after a whole year of med tweaking it's like my symptoms  have basically become mostly dormant so I wonder since meds completely changed my moods if that means that I had bipolar the whole Time also does ,medicine even help borderline 

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It can be both - it's not an either-or diagnosis.

Medications can't treat BPD itself, but it can help some of the symptoms and treat co-morbidities.  When I was in the thick of the BPD stuff in my early 20s, Seroquel really helped settle down my moods and I'm the furthest thing from bipolar.

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It can be both and both is a common comorbidity. Mood disorders and personality disorders are completely different.

One is triggered by nothing except chemicals (and sleep rhythms, perhaps stress in the presence of the other 2) and the other is triggered by anything, usually environmental or interpersonal, or if applicable, trauma. 

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Thanks for the input I hones

20 hours ago, aura said:

You can have both. Are you doing any therapy for BPD?

tly feel like I have both just because I feel like my emotions aren't as extreme but I'm still having issues with black and white thinking ,anger and impulses 

and unfortunately I been In a rutt trying to find a good doctor or threapist to help with therapy for my bpd but I do have an appointment this week with a new doctor 

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