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Lamictal and St. John's Wort

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Ok, I know Zoloft increases the blood levels of Lamictal, but is anyone here on both Lamictal and either St. John's Wort or an SSRI? I found a high-dose brand of St. John's Wort which also contains all the amino acids I already take for supplementation. Because SJW is a general reuptake inhibitor and therefore increases the absorption of all neurotransmitters (and this supplement is full of many precursors), I would like to try this particular supplement and would like to know if anyone here takes a reuptake inhibitor with Lamictal.

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From what I've learned:

At low doses, St. John's Wort acts as an SSRI (Paxil, Prozac, Celexa, ...)

At high doses, it acts like an MAOI.

It for sure affects the p-glycoprotein pathway, and other cytochrome-p450 pathways, which are ways your liver processes drugs for your system to use.

So, although there is no actual monograph since it's not a "drug" by current (stupid) definitions), here's what's known:

(make up any login and password you want, they don't care)


Bottom line, like Penny said, is TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR because StJW is a ***DRUG*** like anything prescribed.


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If you're BP, I certainly think it would not be a good idea.  In fact, I did try if for a short period of time a few years ago.  I LOVED it; a little too much.  In fact, I was manic and I had the sense to go off of it. 

The problem is that, while it does act as an AD, it is uncontrolled and there are many, many variations out there.  Just because it doesn't require a prescription doesn't mean it can be dangerous.  Check with your doctor, but I think it would not be recommended.

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