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Fear of relapsing!

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I learned everything about my bipolar (type1) like the importance of sleep etc...but I keep watching my symptoms everyday especially while walking in the street like looking people in their eyes trying to see if they give me a weird look (hallucinations from mania) and fearing that I can experience a full blown mania again which was very scary! so anyone here learned how to cope with this issue ?  thanx alot


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It's a hard balance to walk.  You want to pay close enough attention to make sure that you aren't slipping, but not so much that it drives you crazy.  Do you know what your big red flags that you are going upward or downward are?  Maybe you could focus on them and try to let the rest of it go?  Also, if you have a tdoc, that's a really good question for him/her. 

To some degree, you can't guarantee there won't be another episode, as much as it sucks.  But being paralyzed out of anxiety about it is something worth addressing.  I also don't know how newly you've reached a better place--I've found it a bit easier to relax if I'm further away in time.

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Mania and psychoses can be very traumatizing.

I think you're obsessed and anxious which can be very stressful.

At least for me.

I would not start hallucinating from mania out of nowhere.

When I start becoming symptomatic I can realize some thoughts there are related to mania or psychoses and it usually happens around stressful events and it will not become an episode if I manage the stress.

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