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Having intake appointment tomorrow, Geodon or Lithium combined?

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Hi, im new here. I have my intake appointment tomorrow and I have been researching medications.  I just wanted some people's experience on taking Geodon. Im currently in a hypomanic state right now. Losing sleep as the summer drags on, having incredibly creative ideas but so distracted by such small things that I can't seem to do anything. Still social, I still get out, but can't handle excess stimulation. I was previously on Lithium 900mg and Abilify 30mg. This combination helped with my manic episodes but I would still have trouble sleeping, despite taking this combination of medication for several years. I was foolish enough to stop the medication though and have been off of it the past 9 months. I guess Im having a hard time accepting the fact that I may need to be on medication the rest of my life. I was wondering though, does anyone have any experience of Geodon? What do you like? What don't you like? Common side effects? Combining it with Lithium? Does Geodon help you sleep? Lack of sleep has always been my main trigger. Thank you.

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7 hours ago, tcast5000 said:

does anyone have any experience of Geodon? What do you like? What don't you like? Common side effects? Combining it with Lithium? Does Geodon help you sleep?

I was on geodon for a couple of weeks.  I don't remember a lot about it except that when I was on it my heart rate increased so much that I eventually had to stop taking it.  It didn't help with much because I had to go off it soon after I started it.  I'm sorry I can't offer more information!

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I have some experiences with geodon, though at a lower (I think) dose than some and not in conjunction it with lithium (it started first, stopped, and then lithium started and stuck). 

My answers to your other four questions (below) are esesntially the same

What do you like? What don't you like? Common side effects? Does Geodon help you sleep?

  • my sleep cycle is strange such that I need something that makes fall asleep at night and yet doesn't have any hangover the next day b/c I'm really susceptible to them and end up exhausted all day, defeating the purpose of having said sleep to begin with
  • at the time, my pdoc and I were trying to look for a way to kill two birds with one stone; for some people, geodon can be rather activating but for others it's sleep inducing but the sleep effect wears off relatively quickly...either could be beneficial
  • sadly I got option 3, none of the above---it sedated me instantly (had to take it while in my bed ready to sleep), but didn't wear off the next morning and was still a problem.
  • I gave it probably about 2 months with different dosages and timings of dosages, but gave up eventually for the hangover reason. 
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I currently take Geondon and Lithium in combination.

The biggest thing to consider is that a Geodon dose has to be taken with a 500 calorie meal.  This may sound easy but getting to 500 calories can be harder than you think. This is due to how quickly Geodon metabolizes if your stomach isn't full.

As far as sleep, I haven't seen it have much effect on my sleep cycle as you can see from my most recent post on insomnia.  That said, I am on a fairly high dose at 120 MG per day and my insomnia isn't touched.

i hope these answers don't come to you too late.

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When I was on Geodon (160mg) and Lithium simultaneously, it wasn't enough to hold me. I was hospitalized for psychotic mania.

If it works for you, Geodon is great. However, it's less likely to work than many other antipsychotics. I've found the only antipsychotics which have worked for me are Seroquel and Zyprexa, because I need a broad spectrum medication. Another thing to remember is that most bipolar people need more than one medication, though some do fine with a single prescription (think Kay Jamison). 

I would describe your symptoms in great detail to your doctor. They've probably been doing this for decades, and will know best what would be good to try. 

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