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Can AAP's lose effectiveness over time similar to AD poop out?

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I have been on abilify 30 mg for just over a decade. It was soon apparent that it wasn't cutting it by itself. Many combos of AAP's were tried. Seroquel helped a lot. 

Anyway, can AP's lose effectiveness over time similar to AD poop out?

I'm wondering if that's my issue lately. I'd try rexulti or latuda in place of abilify. Which are both expensive. But what do you do? The other option is death. I'm not keen on trying a typical or clozapine (I know, I know... :( )

Is latuda or rexulti better? I've never tried rexulti but I've been on 120 mg of Latuda before in place of seroquel (which resulted in a manic episode...apparently I need the quel). 

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If you are this miserable and stuck, it's wise to consider a med change.

Would going back on Seroquel be an option?  It has helped you in the past and wouldn't be as pricey as the newer drugs.

I also really like jarn's idea about considering typicals.

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