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Post a picture of your tablets thread

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Ah, you beat me to it, I was thinking about a thread like this.

This is the risperidone I'm taking now, normally I don't get this version by Teva, but this month I have for some reason. I did get Risperdal once also. The NHS I guess always goes for the cheapest. Can't say I blame them.

I also take tamsulosin hydrochloride because I found myself waking up at night to go to the toilet every night. So that's fun. It's nice that my bladder also thinks I'm a ninety year old man too..







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3 hours ago, Asho2345 said:

perhaps you could post a few of your favourite looking ones?

LOL, no, not even going to get into it.  No favorites.  Plus most of mine come in the pharmacy containers (they count them out from a larger bottle) so I dont get any of the box info.  Some do come in a box or whatever (when they don't need to count them), but I can only think of 2 that come that way, off the top of my head.  And when I get home I throw one box right away and hide the meds if I have overstock. 

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All generic- this is my daily regimen. 30 mg Adderall twice/day, 225 mg Effexor in the morning/150 mg Effexor in the afternoon (300 is the max dose for the XR, so I'm on a split dose to get to 375 mg/day), 2 mg Klonopin twice/day, 20 mg Abilify before bed.

I also take Metformin for poly-cystic ovarian syndrome's lovely effect of insulin resistance, and I have an Albuterol inhaler, but I figured you just wanted to see the crazy pills. ;)

Meds 2016.jpg

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In order of appearance

1.My pillbox 

2. My box of Meds

3. Lithium 400mg tabs

4. Lithium 200mg tabs

5. Quetiapine XR 400mg tabs

6. Lamictal 100mg tabs

7. Lamictal 200mg tabs

8. Fluoxetine 20mg capsules 

9. Metformin 500mg tabs

10. Omeprazole 20mg capsules 

Most of my medications are generic. I live in Ireland so most people will not recognise these medication brand names











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Just to add.......

As strange as this sounds I hate taking a pile of boring medications. My Meds are almost all white and cream in colour.

So I am delighted to have 2 medications with a bit of colour. My fluoxetine capsuleso are purple and green. Purple is my favourite colour. Go fluoxetine!!! 

The other medication with a bit of colour is my omeprazole capsule which is white and pink which is an improvement on plain white!!!


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@rowan77 I thought the patent for seroquel xr wasn't expired? The fluoxetine ones do look pretty cool! and that doesn't sound strange to me, colourful pills are definitely nicer!

@heilmania the adderall pills look cool and also the effexor, what's your favourite? 

@Southern Discomfort The lamictal doesn't look that large, I heard they're hard to swallow?

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7 minutes ago, Asho2345 said:


@Southern Discomfort The lamictal doesn't look that large, I heard they're hard to swallow?

Took my first one just thirty minutes ago. Wasn't hard at all. They're only the second lowest dose pills though. The risperidone tablets I'm taking at the moment are a bit larger. I have to take three of them at the moment.

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2 minutes ago, rowan77 said:

@Asho2345 I have been taking generic Seroquel XR for the past few years. I live in Ireland so there are probably variations in different countries

It is a country-specific thing.  The instant release version has been available as a generic in my country for some years now, but there's no sign of it for the extended release.  The co-payments on it cripple me because my medical insurance doesn't understand why I won't just take the IR, but it's the one drug that I can't give up.

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14 hours ago, rowan77 said:

As strange as this sounds I hate taking a pile of boring medications. My Meds are almost all white and cream in colour.

I never knew that someone else thought this too.  I usually have an "Easter Basket" variety of many colors.  And when I add in OTCs, it is much more colorful.  Also if the med is a different dose (dose change), sometimes that med is even brighter lol.


About swallowing the lamictal, I was fine for awhile, but for some reason they switched generics and I ended up with a pill bigger than a dime, the powdery kind that got caught in my throat.  And when I finally go it down, the powdery crap was still on the back of my throat. 

I told pdoc I couldn't swallow these, even when cut (just too powdery), because they got caught in my throat.  So he prescribed the ODT kind.  Don't taste the best but I can at least take them (I have to have the name brand because those taste ok and I can get them down.  The generic, when I put it on my tongue,  It felt like my tongue and my throat just stopped working.  I couldn't even spit it out; I had to pick it off of my tongue.)

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I also like the color component, to be honest. ;-)

In a.m. - lots of white (duplicates), one peach, one blue.  the peach is the prettiest.

in p.m. - lots of yellow (also duplicates), one really cool blue/teal, one peach, one white.

I'd post a picture, but I'm not really feeling the brain power and don't have the ability currently to learn how to get a picture onto this site. 

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      This pillbox is simply the best. Not only does it have AM and PM slots, the picture is deceiving because that bitch hold a lot of pills. Also, as I demonstrated, any day can be removed in order for an early morning ot a night out! Only a few bucks at Walmart - makes taking easy fun.
      Fun side note: It fits *perfectly* on my gigantic phone.
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      900 mg of lithium a day
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      buspar 15mg as needed (prescribed today, the 5ht1a agonism is a fucking blessing)
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      I am so fucking confused.
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