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I have been on Zyprexa daily since December 2015 (7 months).  While in the hospital in December, I was up to 5 mg and it did wonders for mood.  By March I started to feel oversedated (only took this at night) during the daytime hours, so cut it back to 2.5 mg.  The daytime sedation went away but by April I could feel the ole depression inking in, so went back up to 5 mg which leveled out my mood.  Approaching summer and knowing that antipsychotics and heat with me do not get along (due to potential to heat stroke and constantly feeling overheated even in a/c) I cut it back to 2.5 mg in May.  Within one month the ole depression symptoms inked back in again.  It's now been 2 months and last visit with my psychiatrist we agreed to go back to the 5 mg.  I did not do that due to the potential of overheating and feeling overly sedated. 

Now at 2.5 mg for past 2-1/2 months, I gained 12 pounds, sedation has returned (which surprised me at this low a mg) and I can barely get out of bed, much less function during the day.  I sit here now going on 4 days of experiencing no self care, isolating, ruminating over past regrets and profound sadness and emotional eating. 

I am not sure how to approach my psychiatrist.  I also am on Depakote 125 mg (2 times a day for seizures), Pamelor 10 mg (for panic and agoraphobia), Klonopin 1 mg (for anxiety). I have been on these three drugs for a year now and wondering if the new addition of Zyprexa is no longer working.  Has anyone else here had any experiences with this drug?  Would greatly any input.



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