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So.... I am schizoaffective bipolar type, I have dual diagnosis, as well as ADHD. I have already posted quite a few things, I just never knew what to put into this. Some of you may know me through my recent struggles. I was met with kind words and pleas to get help. I am waiting for my girlfriend to get home so I can go into IP. 

Other random stuff about me, I play some music, I like to play video/computer games, I have 3 kids, two that stay with my ex and I get them on occasion and my youngest is 1 years old and I get her all the time because I am a stay at home dad.

My style of writing is kind of hard to read, I would encourage people to hang with me when I blog. I try not to over-do it but I end up rambling most of the time. 

I get depressed easily, and on occasion I get suicidal. I attempt not to bring other people into that, but here I felt safe and I needed to reach out. I get hypo sometimes, and usually I do not know it is happening.

I am very glad I found a place like Crazy Boards.

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Hi dancingphantom and welcome to crazyboards! We are glad that you joined us. I'd say there is a good number of people here who share your diagnoses. I'm sorry you've been depressed lately. I've been there (suicidal), and I really feel for you. But try to remember that the depression will eventually pass even though it doesn't feel like it in the moment. And do keep in contact with your doctors. I'm really glad to see you today and very glad you are here.

Once again, welcome.

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