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Miami shooting of Therapist

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I am beyond upset, this man was complying and advocating for his patient, a young adult with autism who was unable to comply. It has come out this morning that the officer meant to shoot the young man with autism to 'save Charles Kinsey' really?? I missed the memo where because someone has autism it's okay to take them out, for holding not a firearm, but a fucking TOY TRUCK, this behavior therapist was screaming to the officers how the young man was unarmed and only had a toy truck and the officer shot because he felt the therapist was in danger?? So having autism is now a crime because you (or people like my son) cannot comply? I think these police need to remember WHO exactly they are paid to serve. SO upset! Now I have PTSD and GAD and the other dx's, but this video did not trigger me, it made me rage. So if you're sensitive don't even attempt to watch it. Hit pause after it loads. What can we do about this miscarriage of so called justice? DO we need to create a hastag like BLM? Mentally Ill people's lives matter, People who have Autism lives matter? No, so what can we do? Thank God the black behavior therapist survived. UNREAL.


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Yes, I also agree. This was horrible news; I mean, it just doesn't get more egregious than this. It doesn't matter who the police were meaning to shoot. Nobody at that scene was threatening anyone. And that therapist more than complied with the police.

I don't know what the answer is to all this violence but surely the police need to completely rethink the way they train their recruits because it looks like they are trigger happy.

When I was in the mental hospital, the police (who were state police because it was a state hospital) were trained perfectly. People actually loved the police as members of the community and behaved themselves because they didn't want to disappoint the officers. And the officers were trained to diffuse situations, not go in shooting. I wish that model of policing could be applied nationwide.

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I am so upset about this situation, it makes me wonder if the therapist/caregiver had not been black would he have been believed when he screamed to authorities about being a behavior therapist, and working at a group home and that the young man did not have a gun but a toy truck? 


This makes it so much worse, at least these two 'officers' are not active on the force right now. The thought that they were aiming at the young man who held a fucking toy makes me sick to my stomach. What is the answer to this? I mean really, how could the dept NOT know there was a group home in that neighborhood? What are we, as the community of people enduring stigma and stereotyping able to do to effect real changes about this? I am scared, for my son, for myself, for every American who has either Autism or any mental illness. What can we do? The officer who made the shots and yes there were 2-3 of them, he's been suspended, but not as harshly as the one who lied/misled the officials about exactly what they knew when the other man shot Kinsey. 

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I found out about it from The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, most ridiculous shooting ive ever heard of, 2 unarmed people, one even laying on the ground (a therapist who went after an Autistic Man because he was concerned) with his hands up, get shot by police officer and the police offer meant to shoot the Autistic guy?

And then theres a report that apparently a call about somebody threatening Suicide got thrown in as well? Even if thats the case the approach was all wrong.

Nothing makes sense, and its all sseriously messed up.

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