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Starting TMS!

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Well after almost two months of delay tactics, and even telling me they would probably deny it, my insurance company up and approved my 30 sessions of TMS!

its hard to call how I feel about it "hopeful" because im so bad and had so many failed meds it's hard to believe anything will work. But logically I know it has a chance to work. My pdoc even said based on my history she thought I was more likely than some to benefit, so here's hoping.

i was on the verge of paying $10k out of pocket so this is a huge relief to get it covered; I know I'd regret spending all that money if it doesn't work, even though I know now it's worth trying, but just glad now it's kind of risk free!

ive had two sessions so far, and it hurts a little but not bad... Feels like a wood pecker pecking my head rapidly for 3-4 seconds, then about a ten second rest, repeat for 37 minutes. My biggest issue was boredom... I listened to my audio book last time and that helped but I was still staring at the clock... Ugh. Oh well, it's tolerable I suppose.


ill update as I go!

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I wouldn't give up yet. It still might work for you. And it might even help you in the weeks following treatment (sort of a delayed reaction) which is something I have read about.

However, you must be realistic and realize that it is not going to change that part of your depression that is due to your situation.

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Yeah, I still have hope, but who knows... So hard to put faith in something after so many failures.

sigh yes my situation... I'm scared that I simply can't handle having two kids, but not much I can do about that, and of course that makes me feel horribly guilty. Maybe when the older one goes to kindergarten, but that's a year away :(

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