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I don't know if he likes me

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This is so weird. I only started dating recently so I lost my virginity at the age of 31 to someone I am never going to see again just over a month ago. I don't regret it however could have been with someone I liked. I met another guy last week. After so many dates, he's the only one who said he wants to take it slow. Says he likes me. But all the other guys I talked to kept going on about sex the 2 days after talking to me online. This one hasn't even after meeting me. Either he doesn't like me somethings up. Or he's trying to get rid of me gently without hurting my feelings. I don't know how to react. Seriously.


I had no intention of meeting him. When he messaged me two months back I thought he was a creep. I signed back on and there he is messaging me again. So I gave up, gave him my number. I only date Indian guys, but wth am I doing. He is supposed to be Indian and in  his late 20s to 30's not White (as he is) and 5 years younger.

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If the dude lied about his ethnicity and age I would steer clear.


Some guys will hold off on sex/sex talk until they get to know you better. The only thing you can really do is ask somebody what they think of you and hope for an honest answer. Do you mind if I ask what sites you are using?

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I mean, some people don't want to have sex right away. Him not wanting to sleep with you yet doesn't mean he doesn't like you. But it sounds like you don't really like him. So I would say that if you don't want to get involved with him, don't. If you do like him, don't be thrown off by him not wanting sex. It might just be his personal attitude towards sex

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