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Hello! I am back to the lab...
My pdoc gave me Saphris last time... been taking minidose for a couple of weeks I think.
It is really a zombie med if I take more than that, so I will keep it low. Generally antipsychotics worry me a bit... Now after watching a movie and crying and feeling (the movie was What Dreams May Come) I started to think about meds and emotions somehow and spit my med out in the thought of affecting my ability to love or messing my Aetheric existence or my true self etc....I don't know I am quite windy on this area regarding meds, and I worry I take too many (although the doses are lowish and I really need many of them for severe insomnia and nervous system issues especially and other symptoms)... I might get a thought and then start quitting them all because feeling need to get rid of them..well I think half of it managed to absorb. But I feel confused with meds because 1) I don't know what I really need 2) do they really work for me 3) I want to get reabsorbed into nature and popping pills doesn't really make me feel that one with the forest. So this is my merry-go-round with the meds that I need and hate. Maybe I need to love them more. Ok, just now took one half more to stop rocking the boat...

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