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17 hours ago, carlossong said:

Everyone has problems. People stable on Schizophrenia for many years would be close or similar to a normal person?



Not sure if this answers your question, but I will try:

Sometimes I am stable for awhile, and after many years I try to be able to mimic (only) what people can do in general in life.  It is hard though to do that on a long-term basis.  Just trying to put on a "happy" front for when people see me can be exhausting if it is on a regular basis. 

So I might resemble a "normal" person, but I could never work or anything.  Have to keep stress low, be on meds, need to sleep more (most likely), but I am not sure of my actions.  I do what I know, which may or may not be similar to someone else (in general).

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Often times I think I'm stable and then I'll look back and think yeah I was really unstable those past few months. I always see myself as being 'normal' even when I am sick because it's my reality and my normality. It may not be reality to others but it is to me which is why I have trouble recognising if I'm stable or not.

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