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here comes dat boi

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I'm sorry about the title, but I'm a slut for memes now and always.

I'm a teenager with severe social anxiety, so the internet is pretty much the only place I can talk about myself. I have a lengthy mental health history. I've been hospitalized 17 times and nothing has changed so at this point we're all just kind of crossing our fingers and hoping for some really great luck.

Part of the reason that I'm so unable to function is the fact that I apparently have emerging Borderline Personality Disorder. So a large amount of my time is spent raging at people for no good reason. Also, I never step outside of my comfort zone due to GAD. I don't do anything food related because of bulimia. My romantic relationships never go anywhere due to unresolved PTSD. And let's not forget the psychosis-NOS. Isn't that just the icing on the cake.

I'm kind of stupid right now since I just started a lot of heavy meds so mostly I lose track of time while staring at nothing and eat literally everything in my house. Please forgive any future idiocy for that reason.

I can't think of anything worthwhile to type so I'm just gonna end this post before I seriously embarrass myself.

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Hi Eponine.  It's a pleasure to have you here and see your introduction!  :-)

I've been on meds that make you tired and dopy as well.  Thankfully I take Abilify now instead which can be stimulating to some and sedating to others.  I took Zyprexa fro two yeas during high school- Junior and Senior year.  I was basically a zombie.  

I think you'll really like it here.  Nobody is judging you here, ESPECIALLY because most of us are adults like me.  You'll see there are also teenagers too, but not as many as there are adults I think.  

Enjoy the boards!


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Welcome to CB! I'm glad you found us. If you have an extensive mental health history then you are in the right place. Don't worry about embarrassing yourself. We all do it here and nobody is going to mind. I look forward to seeing you posting on the boards!

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