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Hello, anyone here has any heart problems with Latuda, about twice a month I can't breathe or breathe very constricted with Latuda. The breathing sounds like asthma but I do not have asthma. Yesterday I went to the ER and they didn't do anything just injected me with drugs and didn't tell me what they used. I am going to request records.

Also, I can't sleep unless I'm on a benzo.

On the Latuda instructions it says it can lead to a heart attack. I'm looking to lower my dose from 80 mg and switch to another med completely. I have been having this problem as soon as I started with Latuda about a year and a half ago.

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I understand the feeling and wish it would go away too. I read somewhere on the Internet that if you experience an asthma like shortness of breath that you should call your doctor or go to the ER immediately so it's good that you did that but I haven't heard of any med that helps to stop this. It's just a reaction that people can have to the lurisadone and if it's persistent or lasts for more than a day or two it's important to talk about maybe switching off latuda. 

I find the opposite is true about the benzo thing though, to me latuda is extremely hypnotic and I could fall asleep standing up or doing anything about an hour or two after I take it. In the start I did have persistent sleep problems where latuda gave me insomnia but it eventually faded away so maybe you're just unlucky there. 

If latuda doesn't knock me out I find it causes me to have very rapid inconsistent heartbeats and a shortness of breath that always makes me think I should probably go to the ER but I never end up going. Have you ever felt it actually messing with your heart's  rhythm itself making it irregular? 

... Everyone's different hopefully going to a lower dose works for you

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