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so...guess what i'm back on again?

yes...the devil pill

it's actually really working well for me this round though. and i'm off the court mandated injections.

oh, and i have a baby girl...a sixteen month old one. 

so, i REALLY need to try and stay on my meds this time. seriously.


but it's a daily...twice daily struggle still. i don't want to get into that bit. i just want to hear, if anyone has one, POSITIVE experiences with clozaril. it would make me feel better or more inclined to not discontinue maybe or...something.


anyone have one to share?


i'll go first:

i haven't had command hallucinations for over two years

i've only been hospitalized once this year and it was for medication change

i'm mostly non drooly

i haven't had to deal with orthostatic hypotension this time around 

the blood draws are less frequent now!


anyone else?

cheers in advance xx

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If it helps, I saw a pdoc a while back who wanted me on clozaril. She said, "why take more than one AP, when this one (clozaril) could do the job of two or more?" She had a lot of faith in it. And she is the head pdoc of the county clinic I go to.

But I never did get to try it because she wasn't my regular pdoc, so I only saw her that one time.

I am glad to hear that this go around the clozaril has been nicer to you. I hope it continues to help you! You deserve a wonderful life full of wellness and joy for you and your family! 

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