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New person here.

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Hello forum,

I'm newrealization, just joined and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 33 years old and live alone with my cat. I don't know what else to say, I have a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder, anxiety and trauma but have also suffered from depersonalization, dissociation childhood ADD and dyscalcula (learning disability) as well as long bouts of social withdrawal/isolation. So I guess that's why I'm here on crazyboards, that and being socially isolated at the moment yet feeling this nagging need for at least some level of interaction with others.

As far as who I am otherwise, I don't know I've struggled with that too, for someone with no life I managed to live some, I play drums though haven't in several years, I read when I have the attention span, watch some stuff on Netflix, have an appreciation for music, play the odd computer game. I enjoy gardening and grow peppers on my porch, follow news but not so much politics really. I've had a tendency to generally end up friends with all the wrong people and at this point (though by nature rather trusting) I really trust no one I'm just not that good at it heh. I don't know so I just pretty much keep to myself however much that drives me crazy at times.

If I continue as an active member here I just want to give the heads up that if my posts ever get real outthere/over the top there's a %99 chance I've been drinking which I try to keep to a minimum. I don't know, I try not to dwell on everything that exists in my mind, live in the moment as best I can.


So, nice to meet you all I suppose.

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It's nice to meet you as well Newrealization.  I dig your forum name.  It's pretty smart and seemingly meaningful.  My forum name doesn't mean much at all but I've started enjoying people calling me "Chill" as a handle.  

I too live alone with cats (2 cats) and I'm 35.  I've been stable for years on minimal meds but I've been labeled as Schizoaffective- possibly bipolar type.  I too was dx'ed ADD as a child but feel it was not the right diagnoses.  In fact, I sometimes wonder of the Ritalin might have triggered the Sciz in me.  Or perhaps i am just prone to being Sciz.

I like this place because people are kind and intelligent and empathetic.   It feels safe here.  

I'm going back to college this fall for one course and in the meantime am applying for a cashier job at a local grocery store.  Things are looking up for me.  

Welcome to the boards.


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