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sleep disasters

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Since I got home from IP for this episode of WTF, I have not been able to sleep through the night in the slightest.  A small handful of times I've made it with only waking up once.  Most times it's been three or so different times.  I end up getting around 8-9 hours by going to bed around 9:30 and aiming to be up around 7:30 (or waking up then and not having a choice to go back to sleep b/c my body won't).  It's awful.  It's non-restorative, though I haven't really had restorative sleep in a long time.  But I used to be able to go to sleep around 9:30 or 10 and sleep solidly through the night. 

Anyone have any thoughts on what's causing this?  Better, anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it?  My PHP pdoc is hoping that a med change or two will straighten it out, but I'm concerned.



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Hydroxyzine has helped some (100mg), I sleep for a longer stretch (3 hours) initially at night. I still wake a lot after that tho.

I've had bad experiences with traditional sleep meds, so that's not an option.

Sorry, that's not much help, but I do sympathize.

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Sorry you're dealing with this also, melissa and rabbit.

Rabbit, hydroxyzine is one that my OP pdoc has thrown out before.  I wonder what PHP pdoc would think if I mentioned it.  Something has to fix this sleep stuff and I'm not sure it's as simple as moving something from night to morning. 

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last night and today was a total of 8.75 hours in five increments, none longer than 2 hours, while attempting to be asleep for a little over 10 hours. 

This has got to go.  I'm honestly interested in telling PHP pdoc that I don't care about the latuda/seroquel switch temporarily if we can get the sleep issue better, even if it means I continue to gain weight (I've gained approximately 10 pounds in the past four weeks). 

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If I had the chance I would change meds to help me sleep.  Even if only temporarily.  And even if for only a couple of days to see if it helps you or not, then choose whether to take the latuda or seroquel.

I would be worried about weight gain too, but when you sleep your body restores itself, and at least for me, when I had this one night of 8 hour sleep, I woke up evened out, and I think getting more sleep (hours in a row) will make you feel better overall and perhaps not gain as much weight (or at all) ... but this is just a guess. 

I'm not used to sleeping many hours in a row, but I did notice I felt so much better in general when I slept well. 

**I'm not a DR but this is how I feel anyway, after a full night of sleep.

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