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it hurts to exist

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Thanks--that makes at least three of you then.  I was considering it not the cause because my sleep's been disrupted the whole time, but I wonder if it's one of those "not helping very much" factors...maybe not the sole cause, but it did seem like things were getting better for a bit, so maybe it's keeping it worse.  Last night was decent, but tonight I'm cutting the seroquel by 50mg (in thoughts that maybe the 100mg jump was too much at once).  So we will see if the saga continues. 

It's amazing how sleep-dependent my mood is though.  And not in an "I didn't sleep at all and I feel great" bipolar sense.  In an "I didn't sleep at all and I want the world to go away" or "I finally got some sleep and I'm starting to feel more like myself" sense. 

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Interesting. We haven't yet, but we will. We always put our weird-ass sleep cycles down to autism stuff..

6 of one, half-dozen of the other, most likely.

Never tried Seroquel. pdoc raised it as an option but.. Its reputation plus its nasty side-effect profile.. Not something I want to go near.


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