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blips of psychosis when otherwise improving

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although there's a slight a chance that what I experienced last night was trauma/anxiety-induced rather than psychosis, I'm going to dump it into the psychosis territory b/c that's what it felt like to me and where I need the  most help.

the question, prior to my story, so you can skip if you want to - have you ever been in a situation where it looks like you're otherwise moving out of an episode, but you have a blip of psychotic crap (or hopefully a blip--it appears to be gone)? 

specifics -

I at least briefly stepped into psychosis land.  I was in that "everything happens for a reason and what I'm seeing on facebook is a designed series of messages to me." I also heard "I don't understand" in the background ambient noise (traffic--I have crappy windows).

I went to take the extra 100mg seroquel as told and I took 1mg of ativan in case it was anxiety.  I then laid down and listened to a guided body scan meditation with ambient noise (flowing rivers).  It took a while for me to calm down--my heart was racing . Eventually I did and it had passed. 

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Yes, sometimes I have symptoms that come and go when I'm coming out of (or going into) a psychotic episode.  Blips is a good way to describe them.  I get them sometimes outside of episodes and try to place them in the 'watch but don't worry' bucket, but that's only when it's clearly outside of an episode.

My pdoc describes this sort of thing as salience issues - basically our brains aren't figuring out what is important and what isn't and stuff goes all over the place.  Or at least that's how I understand him.  Wires crossed and miscommunicating.

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We can relate to this. Echoes of the worst times bubbling to the surface as you stabilize. Feeling the.. Conviction that comes with delusional states (for us, at least) trying to take over your mind again.

Hallucinations are thankfully rare, though we start to worry about the stuff we hear in static/etc. We had assumed that was normal. As for the rest.. The kind of hallucinatory stuff "everyone gets" while falling asleep now feels significantly 'ick no panic' because of association with how we get when in an extreme low. Which can make sleeping harder.


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14 hours ago, dancesintherain said:

Thanks all...I'm not sure how almost out of the episode I am.  This whole mess feels like a big setback when it gets combined with the lack of sleep/hypomanic stuff.  

Fortunately it is something that can be "fixed" (for the most part) by getting enough sleep and lowering your stress level (although that is easier said than done).

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I had psychotic blips coming out of my last manic episode. I went a week without hallucinations, and then bam... hearing whispers. Thinking angels were inhabiting human bodies and following me. Then it went away again. I know you're worried this means more than just a blip, but it's very possible that that's what it was.

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