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I've been on Zeldox for 3 weeks and am still experiencing side affects like activating periods and then sedation in the middle of the day 

Like being sick but different 

But it works 

I was exceptionally unwell 

Maybe I'm still in the acute stage 


Anyway, am wondering if anyone now on Zeldox had side effects resolve within a similar time frame 

I don't know what to expect 

I'm withdrawing from serequel simultaneously Down to 400 now 

Zeldox 80mg in am, 40mg pm 

Any insights are very welcome 



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    • By Paige17
      Hi all, my Pdoc switched me from 25mg Seroquel XR to Zeldox 40mg last week due to weight gain. Have been diagnosed with Clychothymia (Bipolar 3) and Major Depressive Disorder.
      Gained so fast on Seroquel XR over six months I have stretch marks for the first time in my life, though I did not put on an insane amount of weight. Tapered off Seroquel over 3 days, and had no problems. But have been experiencing intense(!!!) nausea on Zeldox every day this week, It doesn't matter when or how I take it - an hour before bed with/without food or during dinner - everything I ate during the day comes right back out and I have a nasty lump in my throat feeling until I wake the next morning. On my 2nd night on it I thought I was going blind - lights were intense, couldn't walk straight, or focus on a thing. Had what felt like a panic attack and forced myself to sleep. Since then, I've reduced my dose to 20mg as advised by Pdoc but am still ridiculously nauseous to the point of vomiting. My social anxiety and insomnia is back with a vengeance. Aside from the weight gain, I had 0 side effects from Seroquel and felt fantastic for months.The only upside to Zeldox is a significant decrease in appetite - I literally have to force myself to eat but that's possibly just the damn nausea.
      My question to those with experience : at this point, would you give Zeldox another week? Go back to Seroquel and diet your ass off? Or try a different anti-psychotic like Ablify?
    • By Bipolar J
      I am a new member here and am happy to read peoples post that seem to be on the same boat that I am. I have Bipolar 2 disorder. I usually am hypomanic most of the time, and then crash into depression during spring. Seroquel has really helped as a mood stablizer and ant-depressant effect. However I hate the extra 40 pounds that I put on in the last 6 months. I tried exercise and low carb eating, but the weight just doesn't go. I am on 100 mg of lamictal and will now try Zeldox, hoping that it will work as well as the seroquel minus the weight issue. I also tried Lithium but it did nothing for my depression and the tremors made me unable to work. I work in Anesthesia with needles ect and a steady hand is a must. If anybody has some positive stories with Zeldox (Geodon) I would love to here them.
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