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My pdoc is anti-anticholinergic.  They don't sound like a first-rate option to me, either, but akathisia is killing me.

I'm taking double my prescribed Ativan + 20 mg propranolol.  And this is only 20 mg of Latuda!

Has anyone been on Cogentin or Artane for more than a few months?  Should I press pdoc for a trial?

I'm so frustrated with akathisia!

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I got akathisia from Abilify, starting at 10 mg. Cogentin (1 mg once per day) solved that. I took it for two months or so, then discovered that I didn't need it any more after that. Akathisia is miserable. If you haven't found relief from propranolol, etc., I suggest you give cogentin a whirl.

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