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Hi, just another one for the meat grinder

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Hi all I'm Tom. I'm 19, from England and cut myself to ribbons and take pills on a far too regular basis. I have attempted twice. I cut mainly because of active self loathing and depression, which isnt helped by four years of sexual abuse by more men than I can count. I just want to die. Nice to meet you all, hope you guys are okay.

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Crilly -

We're glad you're here talking with us. You don't have to feel this way, and there are many members here who have life experience similar to yours and may be able to give you sound advice, or at least a new perspective.

First things first, though - given what you've told us, we want to make sure you're physically safe. You aren't under any obligation to answer any question put to you on these forums, and we want you to know that you are welcome to send a private message to myself or any of the other site Moderators or Administrators at any time if you need assistance, or are not quite comfortable yet posting something to the open boards.  No one person here is a single-source nutjob (thank Heaven) - some people know more about self-harm, for instance, while others know more about meds abuse. I know a fair amount about Depression, etc. No matter what you want to chat about, you'll find someone with something to say.  We're mouthy that way.

Please let us help you if we can.

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Hi Crilly. Very glad to have you along for the ride. As my excellent colleague Cerberus has already said, you are welcome to contact any of the mods or admins if you need help; I extend a personal invitation. I hope you'll find comfort here and a better way forward.

Gearhead (admin)

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6 hours ago, Crilly said:

Thanks for that, Im just trying to open up in a more controlled way than the usual SH, and yes Im entirely safe now, thanks you guys

I'm now self-harm free except the occasional incident, but it started as a way for me to "speak" to myself in a way, too. I understand that part of the urge pretty well, and I can offer you hope from that perspective: trying to talk is one of the most difficult tasks I've ever had to set myself, but it does help, and it does get easier. 

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