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Guidelines to the SI board: *read this if you post here*


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Welcome to the self injury forum.  These guidelines were constructed by a former moderator - please take the time to read them before posting.

Here we aim to create a safe place for people to talk about their journey to quit self harm through learning to use coping skills.  It is our intention to afford people the opportunity to share about their self harm in a recovery context.

1. Posting

When writing about self harm, it's not necessary to go into details about tools, size of wounds, types of wounds, blood, bruises etc. Graphic descriptions of self harm can serve the same purpose as self harm photos, in that they can serve to trigger others and romanticise self harm. This kind of dwelling on the specifics of the method can detract from the aim of stopping.  Romanticising self harm will not be tolerated and posts will be edited or removed at the discretion of the moderators.

If someone is posting details of self harm in order to determine whether a wound needs treatment, they need to seek medical help IRL, as we are not qualified to assess wounds.

2. The purpose of the board

Since the purpose of the board is to encourage and enable people to stop self harming, it's important that those using the board have this in mind when they post. We recognise that it's often not possible to quit right away. However, when someone posts and admits they don't want to stop and don't want to use coping strategies, it creates a culture where it becomes acceptable to self harm in that way.

Just as people are not supported in continuing to binge and purge on the ED board, or to use substances on the substance abuse support board, we will not support self harm here. The response to posts as mentioned above will be to direct posters back to coping strategies.

3. Keeping things non-graphic

It is always totally unacceptable to post photos of your or anyone else's self harm. They are of no benefit to members here and anyone found posting them will be reported to the mods and may face further action.

4. Personal writing/musing about self injury

Many people write poetry about SI as part of their recovery and that is fine. We simply ask that they post these poems on their blogs so that this board can be reserved for those who have questions or need support.

5. Final thoughts

Our hope is that we can continue to be a safe community for people struggling with quitting and that we can support each other in moving on from self harm. This is a place to come when distressed, or to admit slip ups and mistakes and not be judged. It is a place to share strategies and count days of abstinence and celebrate milestones. If you feel that the mods can provide any further resources on self harm recovery, please contact us and we will see what we can do.

Equally, if anything on the board ever causes you concern or distress, please feel free to contact the mods to talk it over.

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