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Could taking 2 meds together or 1 make you have long term effects? Even if discontinued?

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I have been going crazyyy!  Well,  not that I wasn't anyways...  

So!  I have been on 400mg of lamictal for 2 years in November.  I didn't have any side effects or issues with it and it has literally saved me from myself and my life.  

Doc likes to experiment with me or something idk because he tried putting me on abilify,  geodone,  and carbamezepine,  and topamax...  Honestly I only took one geodone or however it's spelled,  and I felt like a zombie all the next day so yeah didn't take anymore!  The carba and abilify I didn't even try taking as I'm super super paranoid about weight gain..  (Eating disorder)  

However I DID take topamax for almost a month.  Doc put me on this because one appt I was a frantic whiny mess because I had been purging maniacally and hating myself etc and he told me it would be great for me because more people on it are likely to lose.  So duh yeah I was stoked..  

The first day after I took it I was at story time at the library with my son and all of a sudden I felt extremely nauseated and sweaty palms feeling like something horrible was gonna happen but didn't know what.  Never experienced anything like it before but it scared me so I zoomed out frantically and went home and the feeling left as soon as I got in my house.  

I will later learn this as anxiety and panic WHICH I HAD NEVER EXPERIENCED IN MY LIFE!  (my heart really goes out to those who do/have had it)  so anyhow I keep taking it loving the fact that I can go all day without eating or thinking about food.  . As the days go by every time I up it as prescribed 25mg a week then 50  a week then 75 then 100 final dose I feel worse!  So I just think it'll die down as I stay on it and get used to it so I suffered along because the no food thing was great,  such an ED thought.    But I finally had enough because it was just that bad.  Doc tells me to just stop taking it. So I did thinking I'd go back to myself again.        It has been over a month off it and I am still experiencing these attacks panic feelings or whatever the crap it is!  It's seriously bad that I have basically turned into a recluse almost and am terrified to leave the house because whenever I do the feeling comes again.  

I have been able to go for walks and such without feeling too bad but the car and indoors???  Hell  no.  I am at such a loss at what to do or what is going on with me it's seriously depressing.  I also have had extreme nausea and stomach pains although they have died down the past week or so.  

Basically I am asking if anyone has insight or perhaps gone through or is going through the same thing????  It's horrible!!!  My husband thinks it is all in my head but it isn't!!!  I guess that's what you'd think of a crazy person though lol 

Oh and doc prescribed me xanax at last appt to help with it but I refuse to take it as it's a controlled substance and I am a recovering alcoholic.  Thinking about asking for celexa?  

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I haven't taken Topamax for any length of time so I can't comment on whether it can induce panic or not, but I just want to say that Celexa works wonders for my anxiety. It can cause anxiety to worsen for the first couple of weeks, but after that it's amazing at what it does.

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Thank you Melissaw72! I think I'm gonna like it hereeeee lol.  

Jt07 that is exactly what I need! I have heard about that, meds making worse before better..  And yes do not ever try topo.  Ever.  Bad.  Bad.  

I think I'm going to ask for propranolol,  read up about it and it seems beneficial.  I may ask for the celexa as well because it seems it could target a lot of my issues along with bipolar and anxiety.  It says for body dysmorphia and anorexia?  Do those 2 meds have high chance of weight gain?  

God I am such a mess!  

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18 minutes ago, Funindysfunctional said:

 Do those 2 meds have high chance of weight gain?  

If you are talking about propranolol, no, for me I did not gain an ounce on it.  Not sure about celexa ... never been on it so not sure about weight gain. 

YMMV though with the meds helping or not.

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I have a couple of additional comments. No, Celexa is not known to be a weight gainer, but if you have bipolar then it might not be the med for you. It's an SSRI and that could possibly be contraindicated in bipolar. That's really up to you and your pdoc though.

Also, I would encourage you to try the carbamazepine if your doctor wants. I take carbamazepine (800 mg), and I have not gained weight because of it. I have even lost weight on it. I love carbamazepine! It is the backbone of my cocktail and it's the last med I'd be willing to give up. Carbamazepine and Abilify have been miracle meds for me.

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Jt07 that's such a relief to hear about the carbamazepine!  The interaction with lamotrogine just panics me.  Doc seems like he doesn't really pay attention to tell me what risks or side effects there might be.  I guess I am very paranoid when it comes to finding the perfect cocktail. Perhaps I worry too much.  You think if I just took them like he told me to I'd be ok?  I'm paranoid about everything pretty much :( so many docs over the years that have made me feel like a Guinea pig!  I really like this one,  he's been for the past 2 years,  just unclear of if he really pays attention to me lol.  It feels like he gets my dosages too high sometimes. And for some reason seems to forget I am on lamotragine!  I'm gonna ask him about everything. Perhaps write down all my questions on a piece of paper to bring because it feels like when I'm there I forget everything I wanted to say!  I am a looney!  Ha


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I don't know how long ago he gave you the carbamazepine, but if you told him that you won't take it then I wouldn't take it until you talk to him again simply because he needs to be on board with all the meds you take.

Carbamazepine has interactions with a whole slew of meds and the interaction is usually that it lowers the amount of the other med in the blood. For example, Lamictal. It just means that you will have to increase the amount of Lamictal you take because carbamazepine lowers it in the blood. If you increase the Lamictal, it's not exactly a dose increase because the amount of Lamictal in the blood will be the same. These are known interactions and your pdoc should be able to adjust accordingly. There is nothing scary about this.

Like I said, I love carbamazepine. It wiped out my suicidal ideation overnight. It keeps me from becoming suicidally depressed, and in general it acts like brain glue.

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There's always Trileptal. Not really known for weight gain, can make you sleepy although I've never had that happen. Hyponatremia is a concern, but only at higher doses (says my pdoc.) I find it to be wonderful and practically zero side effects.

Low dose Abilify might be beneficial. I found I lost weight on it compared to every other AP. Granted, I can't tolerate above 3mg, but even at that dose it really helped with my depression.

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