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Bi-polar depression

 wellbutrin , lamatal 5 years+ started to lose effectiveness.  Added 900 mg lithium past 3 years. Meds tolerated well, past 4 months started to get very ill after taking meds.  Isolated it to the lithium went off with I'm sure a too rapid titration if 6 days. Hitting the wall very hard but my pdoc started me on Latuda.  Sorry to ramble.

concerns: effectiveness compared to lithium, possibility of nausea with this med, cost (on samples now crappy insurance) I went on ability a few years back very effective could not afford after free samples.  I need to do what my doc wants understould, just kind off lost.  By the way I did what I was told by my Doc coming off lithium but I was getting so sick I was going to go cold. Pleas don't do this the only thing keeping my alive is my wife.

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I recently added latuda (going up by 20mg each week and currently at 80mg---but I'm in a partial hospitalization program, so that might be a faster titration than normal.  So far, I've tolerated it well.  I'm not fully off the seroquel that it's replacing, though, so I don't know how it does standing alone yet.  As for your specific questions:

1) I wouldn't call it as effective as lithium, but that's just my experience and what my PHP pdoc told me.  Her comment was that it's much more for bipolar depression, used less for the mania/psychosis piece, but is close enough structurally to the AAPs and does have some psychosis protection/treatment, so it gets put there.  I'm keeping the lithium and lamictal while adding it.  The seroquel I'm getting off of.

2) I haven't had nausea at all and that's even with going up quickly.  I do have zofran in case I get it, but that's really more for if a migraine hits.  That said, I've had three migraines in the past month and none required the zofran either.

3) Cost is a bit of a pain.  I have great insurance and it's $35 per month, which is my highest prescription copay by far, but a fair number of insurance companies don't cover it, require a prior authorization, or have a high copay.  If this is a concern at all, I'd take the time to look into it in advance.  I know at least one CB member who had to come off because the cost was too much.

That's just my experience--yours may definitely vary, but I figured I'd answer with what i'm currently going through, with the disclaimer that I'm not off seroquel yet. 

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