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Study shows Lithium should be used more widely for Bipolar

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The Guardian posted an article that talks about why Lithium should be more widely prescribed for Bipolar Disorder.


Earlier this year, my pdoc added Lithium to my regimen, and I am physically doing so much better.  I am already on Clozapine and I was getting more and more depressed, and was so weak and fatigued and now that I've added Lithium I'm doing better now, although I'm still not 100%.

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Would be my maintenance drug if I didn't have cruel side effects and on larger doses eventually becoming a nihilist.

Right now I'm sort of safe that it exists and it's around because until this day it brought me down quickly from any 'spark' of a manic state.

I truly wish I could adjust to it better, on the right dose was the best mood stabilizer and I would say it even kept anything remotely related to psychoses under control.

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