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Zopiclone (Imovane/Lunesta) - has anyone tried this?

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I've been prescribed Zopiclone (Imovane/Lunesta) to help with my sleep. However, I'm quite apprehensive about taking it - I'm worried about potentially sleepwalking out of my apartment, or turning the stove on, or texting/emailing crazy things etc while under the influence of the medication.

Has anyone taken this, and how did it go for you? I plan to start with a very small dose.

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It is not a powerful hypnotic, it takes a good dose to be effective, like 3 mg. Still starting with a small dose is always a good idea. It's main advantage over the other Z drugs is it is longer acting, making it a good choice for early morning waking. I like it and in 11 years of taking a large dose (very treatment resistant insomnia) I have never done anything weird on it. Lunesta is the only hypnotic in the USA approved for long term use.

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Lunesta is actually eszopiclone so slightly different dosing than zopiclone/Imovane, which is what we get in Canada instead of Lunesta (not sure what country the OP is in).  A standard dose of zopiclone is 7.5 mg but some people start at 3.75 or go higher.

I took it.  It gave me a weird metallic taste in my mouth.  It didn't help very much and it made me cry a lot, but I don't do well with benzos/benzo derivatives in general.  I didn't sleepwalk or anything weird like that though.

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I took Imovane for a while as an alternative to Stilnox.

The worst experience I had on Imovane are related to the metallic taste that for me lasts for about ten hours.

Can someone watch you?

I had one problem and it was related with the first time that I took one of this class of drugs but nothing major happened

I just could not recall how after waking up I ended up in my dispensary.

Right now, both, Imovane and Stilnox are safe and just not efficient as I wish.

I still take Imovane when I have a window of at least seven hours and I can't sleep.

Right now 7,5mg of Imovane is more efficient than 10mg of Stilnox, maybe because I'm not on it as long as I previously did on Stilnox but I'm about to try sublingual absorbed Zolpidem, because sometimes those hypnotics aren't efficient.

From my experience, it went weird on the first day on a similar z-drug (Stilnox) and after that, nothing really happened.

Nowadays I can take both, Imovane or Stilnox and just read a book without losing any memory.

Not bragging, 

It's only upsetting, because those drugs used to work fast.

Now to work I have to take one or twice maximum a week.

I didn't sleep walk but like I said, just on the first time that I tried something 'similar' I could not recollect how I ended up on the dispensary but it was morning and I talked to everyone in my house, I just had some memory loss. 

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I took zopiclone for a couple days, 7.5mg, I slept one day, the next couple I was just tired and cranky, it didn't put me to sleep. My GP saw me at his morning clinic (after a night of no sleep and 3 zopiclone) and rx'd elavil, which I've been on ever since. The zopiclone puts a horrible taste in your mouth. 

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I take zopiclone 7.5mg PRN. It is a mild hypnotic for me but if I ever have severe insomnia I usually have to go on flurazepam or temazepam.

Because i dont take it very often it does have a good effect on me.

It doesn't carry any hangover side effects. I have done some sleep walking/eating on it but that is usually if I take it too long before going to bed.

Now I just take it as I get in to bed and then read awhile and I eventually start to nod off.

I have been on zolpidem/stillnoct in the past and boy did I do plenty of sleep walking/eating whilst taking it so I didnt stay on it for long!

The one thing I really don't like about zopiclone is the horrible metallic taste....ewww!

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