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Just now, mellifluous said:

i don't think i understand the top half of your post. i mean, i don't know what velocity you're speaking of. maybe there's confusion because, like i said, i don't have schizoaffective. i have schizophrenia, formerly the paranoid subtype. i've also gotten the undifferentiated subtype and once the disorganized one. i've never been diagnosed manic but i do realise that for a schizophrenia diagnosis you need to have the symptoms for a period of time. 

I said that from what you took out of DSM, would make a manic person also a schizophrenic.


But at the end of your post you come to the same conclusion as I did.

"you need to have the symptoms for a period of time".

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I was just using that to illustrate a different point about the origins of voices "counting" as auditory hallucinations or not. Wasn't trying to do anything else. 


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3 hours ago, uncomfortable thoughts said:

The type of auditory hallucinations that I had at least for me was clearly 'me' and 'in my head'.

I don't think it's something supernatural or from a sci-fi movie rather than my brain not working properly, I can be wrong, but this makes more sense to me.

I think if it come from somewhere else I would seek those voices and also, most of the voices that would do impersonations were also the same impersonations that with 'conditioning' I could also do and vocalize.

I hope this makes sense.

It does make sense. In my case, the thought that they weren't real literally couldn't cross my mind, and if someone suggested to me that the voices I was hearing weren't real I would probably have concluded that they were in collusion with the more sinister voices. That made more sense to me.

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On 8/15/2016 at 3:27 PM, aura said:

While in hospital my doctor suggested I might have schizoaffective disorder because I seem to have chronic delusions. So I have a few questions for people who got diagnosed SZA:

1. How long did it take from when your doctor first started to think SZA to getting a diagnosis? From what I understood from my doctors, they'd want to monitor me over time.

2. I don't really get hallucinations outside of mood episodes, and very little within mood episodes too. My main problem is delusions. Can anyone else relate to this? I aways thought for a SZA diagnosis there needed to be a lot of hallucinations on top of delusions, but maybe not.

1) I have a weird case of SZA. I was diagnosed with it at 19 but I previously had a diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenia since I was 15. I was also diagnosed with BPD at 19. From everything I have heard having both diagnoses at the same time is sort of rare, a past Pdoc told me that, but I'm not sure if it's true.

My diagnosis of SZA went away for a few years I was just diagnosed as depressed in my 20's. Then I started to have major insomnia issues. I starting getting depressed again plus supposedly paranoid and delusional. So now again I have a SZA diagnosis. 

2) I don't have hallucinations at all. I have non-bizarre delusions and relationship related transient paranoia. I honestly feel like both are more BPD related. For example, most of my delusions over the years have come from obsessive thoughts and behaviors regarding other people, usually other women that show me any positive attention at all. For example for a couple years I thought my therapist was in love with me and we were spiritually connected. I often times think people are in a conspiracy to exclude me and that other people are laughing at me. 

I don't think people are watching me, the people on TV are talking to me, people are taking thoughts out of my brain, the FBI is after me, I am Jesus, or anything. I don't hear voices or see things that aren't there. I have a hard time grasping reality " as is" though. I am constantly overthinking things. 

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