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feeling my body is damaged!

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this maybe weird but I feel my body is damaged and it's too late to fix it , especially when I'm depressed, it's like I will never get back to my old self. lack of sleep,akathisia,no sex drive,severe anxiety all this stuff makes me feel that way. does it sound familiar to you guys ?

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52 minutes ago, isbipo said:

I feel my body is damaged and it's too late to fix it ,

I'm sorry you feel like this. 

I can relate ... I feel like I will never get back what I once had:  my mind was clear, I could memorize things, I was sociable, I could work, I could drive, I could take care of kids, and my mind would work fast when needed. I had strength.  When the kids got sick I was there to clean it up without thinking twice,  and I was very active.  I didn't lose my train of thought while speaking.  I'm sure there are more, but is all I can think of now.  But I have lost all of this, and don't think I will be getting it back.  It has been happening since the early to mid- 2000s, gradually happening, and now I think I am at the point of no return for getting back what I had ... unless some miracle happens.


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