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Hi, everyone! I'm Heilmania, another crazy. 

I started coming to CB about two years ago for anxiety/depression issues, looking for support. The boards have been wonderfully supportive. About a year ago, I started experiencing auditory hallucinations, and I was grateful to have CB in my life to sort through this new diagnosis/symptom. I've learned that many, many people live their lives with voices/sounds interrupting their thoughts, and they are okay. I suppose that made me feel like I could do it, too, so I have trucked on! CB has been a rock for me as I navigated switching meds, etc.

I also have a history of self-harm, a history of eating disorders, and all sorts of other fun things like that.

Outside CB (and MI land), I'm a late twenty-something female who identifies as a woman. I live on the East Coast of the United States. I'm a formally-trained artist and writer, and I work in nonprofit-land to bring communities together through the power of the arts. I have two cats, a turtle, and a husband. To my knowledge, we are the only beings living in my home.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? PM me! I'm very friendly, but I do tend to curse a lot and use words like "butthurt". I'm always open to sharing, as I am under the shroud of anonymity (bwahaha), so feel free to ask me anything. I will always be straightforward and honest with you (unless you ask for my address or something very personal like that). Keep on keepin' on, people! :) 

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