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Hi everyone!

I'm huntforbravery. I've got social phobia and it's been kicking my ass lately. I thought joining a community might help me to talk some of it through. Not to mention I'll get to meet new people through the comfort of anonymity :P. I just graduated from school and am on the job hunt. I spend a lot of time binging TV and blogging. I try and get out of the house and be social when I can. My anxiety can make it hard, though, especially with things like networking events that I can't get out of. Thankfully, I have a good support network who help me through the worst of it.

It's nice to meet you all.

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Hi huntforbravery. Welcome to CB! A lot of people here suffer from social phobia so you will be in good company. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot a PM to me or any staff member and we will do our best to answer them.

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Nice to meet you!

I don't have a hard time leaving the house, really. I'm pretty functional and can be around people. But I spend my whole time around people scared I'll say/do the wrong thing (a couple of friends excepted). I also have a lot of panic before and after seeing people. But I try to make myself leave the house and be around people whenever I can.

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