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    • By wookie
      My christmas was okay.
      I survived it. 
      I do well when the food is rolling in and the drinks are flowing. Saves me from having to make idle chit-chat.
      Went to one family gathering and I ended up getting the shakes (I have essential tremor of the head and neck) and nerves.
      My seat was in the corner in front of family I rarely see.
      I ended up swallowing 2 ativan, and some pepto-bizmal and swallowed my pride and survived.
      we were being forced to socialize and it was painful. 
      Anyone want to share?
    • By HobbitInHell
      Hello everyone, thought I would do what everyone else has done and introduce myself a little.
      (Possible Trigger below)
      I am George, I live in Dagenham with my soulmate. I suffer from social anxiety disorder, and depression. I spend everyday indoors, but I do try to go outside at least once during the day. I used to be a member of the Mental Health Forum but felt unwelcome after a couple of years, then I joined RethinkTalk which was great until it closed down and ever since I have been trying to find somewhere else to go...Then a few days ago I found this place!
      It seemed good to me, and I put a lot of effort into getting here..Considering I had to register over ten times, and create a yahoo account. So obviously I am glad I finally have an account, and can check the place out. I used to be on Citalopram for a short period of time, but then stopped taking them and decided to improve myself, by myself. Last couple of years have dedicated my time into doing just that-sorting my head out!
      I have not self harmed since a year ago, I no longer starve myself or force myself to throw up, I even ate some things in front of people (phobia of eating in front of people), have gained confidence in myself, haven't tried to kill myself since 2010 and I am generally doing a lot better in life. Although I still have a LOT to work on, I am getting there slowly. 
      Anyway yeah that's me, and my shitty intro
    • By Erebos
      Hello CB

      I'm Tim, a 29 year old from Australia and I really like the looks of this place, the discussions here just look more real than I'm used to seeing in other mental illness groups and forums. My current diagnoses are Schizophrenia with Mood Component and Melancholic Depression though me and the pdoc seem to be approaching the illness as schizo-affective or more just a killer combo of schizophrenia and bipolar(which was a past diagnosis). I'm a mess, I make digital art every now and then and spend most of my time in my apartment doing something with a computer. I recently deteriorated after losing a volunteer role at a library, my time with a support org expiring and a sister's wedding to overwhelm me, I am making steps to get a life of sorts together again: found a place I might volunteer at, hooked up with another support organisation, reengaged with my pdoc and starting up with a personal trainer. I don't know how I'll end up but actually finding a forum that seems to fit can only help. I look forward to getting to know you all.
    • By hellokittyqueen
      Hi all, I'm new and just made a post in the bipolar forums but figured I should introduce myself here as well.
      I am 28, a mom of 2, and live on the East Coast. I was first diagnosed with major depression at the age of 13, and was later diagnosed with MULTIPLE mental illnesses at the age of 24 (Bipolar I, GAD, EDNOS, Schizoaffective Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, complex PTSD, and OCD). At the age of 25 I was also "diagnosed" as an alcoholic. I am extremely self destructive whether I'm depressed or manic and it has been a very rough few years.
      I've been searching for a mental health support forum for quite some time so I am hoping I can become comfortable here, make friends, and support some others who are struggling along side me.
    • By Megan Lastname
      I didn't realize I posted this in the wrong place the first time. oops. I'm not used to forums.
      So, I've sorted through a lot of the 'issues' I've had with how I was thinking before and I think I have a handle on how to live a content life or at least function. I have social anxiety and depression.
      I learned how to retrain my way of thinking if that makes sense, so I am hopeful. The thing is, if I have any shade of a doubt about whether I am right or wrong about something than I know the paranoia will just come back later.
      Getting to the point. I am occasionally paranoid that people can hear my thoughts. The theory is that the majority of people know about it. maybe everybody can do it, maybe not. Maybe it doesn't happen all of the time, maybe they only hear when they are listening in. They talk about it when they think I can't hear them, or when they think they are being discreet enough that someone as dumb as me won't know what they are talking about. They won't admit to it because it is better if I don't know, like if I do then it will make me feel too self conscious, only make me feel worse and it won't help me any. I do feel like I have evidence of it when I replay some older memories, but I also am rational enough to look for other explanations for the memories, but I don't feel convinced enough that I can let it go. 
      I know I should see a doctor, but I don't have medical insurance. so far visiting forums and chatting with people who can relate has helped, so I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the subject.
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