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I really like seroquel xr because I find it works on a broad range of symptoms....for me anyway! It keeps my manic symptoms at bay quite a lot.  It really improves my depressed mood. I sleep really well on it and and I believe that my anxiety has improved since I went on it


In relation to weight gain, I believe if you are proactive from the start it helps. So if you watch what you are eating and increase your exercise now you may be able to reduce or even prevent these side effects. Also, not everyone gains weight on seroquel xr!

Overall my mood is much better when I am taking seroquel. I did gain weight on it and have to work hard to lose it but I prefer to be mentally well than go off it due to weight gain. I've been there and it ended very badly.

So I joined a local slimming club and tried to change my eating habits and do more walking. My GP and pdoc are keeping a close eye on both my physical and mental health. My GP also started me on metformin last year.

I have to work really hard to lose weight and it is a very slow process. But it can be done and I never thought I would say that!!

One thing I found very difficult when starting seroquel was the sedation. It can make you very tired and a bit fuzzy headed but this does go away so bear with it!

Good luck, hope all goes well with it and try not to be scared :)

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I can't see your med signature, so don't know your dose. I'm on 300mg xr, and have lost weight. Not tremendous, 10 lbs, but haven't gained any. My pdoc told me to take it 3 hours before bed, but I didn't like the grogginess, so I take it at bedtime. I wake up just fine. 

As always, YMMV.

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My experience with Seroquel and Seroquel XR was a two edged one. At first I was really groggy, but that got better. I would crash in the afternoons though and take a nap, but overall better sleep and day to day interactions. However, I had to go on increasingly higher doses to try and contain my mania to the point I could no longer take the drug. ( I restarted it again much later, but had to stop due to possible immune problems triggered by the drug: still inconclusive).

The bad news is I was one of the ones to gain weight. A LOT of weight. I still have not been able to get rid of it, due to other psychotropic cocktails. I was denied metformin as an aid. And when you are sedated, it is hard to hit the gym. I do what little I can, when I can. But I would say these effects are due to your own personal metabolism. And in all fairness, I abused my body for years with an eating disorder.

With these kinds of meds, you have to take the plunge and try them. No one thing works for everyone. If you find Seroquel is not for you, tell your doctor immediately.

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Thanks friends!  Curious now to see how this goes.  I took before dinner as Dr prescribed.  By 7 I felt like I was in the walking dead lol.  Going to take it right before bed tonight!  

10 hours ago, Rabbit37 said:

I can't see your med signature, so don't know your dose. I'm on 300mg xr, and have lost weight. Not tremendous, 10 lbs, but haven't gained any. My pdoc told me to take it 3 hours before bed, but I didn't like the grogginess, so I take it at bedtime. I wake up just fine. 

As always, YMMV.

I hope I can be so lucky!! 

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150 xr here. 

I haven't had any issues with weight that were seroquel related. Welbutrin got me instead. I do get terrible headaches from it, though. Was told it would subside, but not yet in two years.

I have a lot of trouble keeping a regular schedule because sometimes life happens. For that my doc was thoughtful enough to give me a prescription for 15 100mg regular seroquel a month, for when I can't take the med at 7pm or have to drive or what have you. I also have 25s I take as needed for anxiety. I prefer the xr because I feel like a person for more hours of the day.

My husband thinks seroquel is a magical wonder pill for my mood and sleep habits. But he married a crazy person, so his judgment is questionable. I think he is happier when I take the xr because it means I am being more proactive in handling the disorder. It means I have to plan an evening and act like a responsible adult, rather than just popping a pill at the last minute just to counteract agitation.

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I like Seroquel XR. I have been able to lose 35 lbs while on it! I gained a lot of weight from zyprexa and the regular IR Seroquel. I'm not as sedated anymore either compared to when I took the IR Seroquel. I take 800 mg in the evening currently. I don't get full blown manic anymore (maybe mild mania at times still). It helps my anxiety and helps me sleep (although I sleep a bit too much but that is probably due to sleep disorders that I have). 

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