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So, I have been wondering about this today. From my research I know that clanging is a common verbal problem for those suffering with schizophrenia or bipolar psychosis. But has anyone experienced this phenomenon only mentally?

Before I was diagnosed with my slew of problems I had a very intense episode of several days (if not a week) where I repeated rhyming, unrelated words in my head. It was maddening...it became some sort of mantra I couldn't stop. Now that I think about it, I repeated the words out loud in a desperate attempt to get them out of my head. I had a hard time thinking straight, couldn't sleep. Eventually it went away. But I do still find myself making strange word connections. Could this be an anxiety provoked OCD behaviour? Or some pre-bipolar onslaught? For the record, I have had some strange behaviors, but my PDOC has never classified me as being psychotic.



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We can't diagnose you, but I'm wondering if you have an OCD diagnosis? One symptom doesn't make a diagnosis, but if you have the diagnosis then this symptom could fit in with it. Before you mentioned OCD I thought this sounds like it could be an OCD symptom.

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Hi jt07,

I wasn't looking for a diagnosis, just any similar situations. However, I am diagnosed as OCD. "Clanging" is just something that my PDOC never mentioned to me (other than my other symptoms like common checking behaviors, fear of germs/contaminations, mental rituals, counting). But being bipolar as well, I guess some things overlap. Thanks!

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