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1 minute ago, Mara Rivers said:

Someone please tell me if you can see my posts. I'm having some problems and I think my communications have been shut off and I have been isolated. My ipod was disabled and my Android taken over as well as my wifi rerouted. 

yes, i can see your post. i quoted it above, too, so you could see for certain what i'm seeing.


welcome, by the way, if you just joined.


i can relate to feeling isolated. is there anything that could help?

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Thank you for answering me, I appreciate it, I was actually a member sometime ago,  I've been writing and doing the facebook thing, it appears I have gotten a stalker and they are very versed in technology, I am having trouble contacting services and resources and every time I put a password in to an account I lose the account, I am redirected to a compromised email to regain the account except it's rerouting me to a fake. My Facebook posts for two days are not showing up on my feed all though it shows on my profile, two days ago is when my android was taken over and myipod disabled, now my posts are not posting. 

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maybe ask in the technology section. i've asked questions there and it's been helpful, especially if you trust any of the respondents. or chat. i've done reality checks in chat. i also posted a thread in the technology section asking about people's ideas on why that happens. they gave me very scientific, fact based answers. i usually try to remember not to say much about what's happening with me that they'll see in a symptom framework and am cautious about divulging certain things. i feel it out first though...there's a diverse group here and some are great but most all are probably sincerely trying. 


i guess i'm saying that you can post here or, maybe if you're concerned with getting quicker responses/information/perspectives, in other places. you can ask around if you don't know how to deal with technology; there are lots of tech savvy people active on this forum. 

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That is a great idea, thank you, I will head that way. I only trust this place because I was here a couple years ago and they don't know about it son they can't set up their own people to manipulate the post. Thank you for your help. It's been a very hard year not know who to trust and being bullied also. Mara 

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