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I am a stalking victim, I'm also a scitzo , it's been a year now and they are getting more brazen and mean, 2 days ago my ipods postcode was changed and it got disabled,  they took over the administrative email in my ipod . I didn't know that it existed, they were able to hide in there who knows how long, my android has been taken over, my WiFi has been rerouted.  What can I do to secure my new wifi, what do I need to get?.when I purchase a new one? How can I keep my civil rights.  Thank you 

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i know i told you to post here because people might know answers to your technology questions. i have one other suggestion if your username identifies you. i have had some concerns with being stalked and getting monitored. i can't really get into it, but, because you mentioned being the victim of stalking, i strongly encourage you to change your username to something totally not related to you. also your photo. (but, full disclosure, my chart has "persecutory delusions"  all over it...still, just because i can be delusional doesn't mean i can't also be right sometimes ;) ) i would do all that and i think the site owner would understand and can make changes if you decide to change anything. his name is VE (velvet elvis).


be well, -melli x

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Well as far as wifi goes, try contacting your internet service provider and ask them for the admin username and password (it is usually included in the box or under the modem) and have them help you secure your system so no one can get in and use it or change your stuff or take your stuff. 

AIso agree with mellifluous about changing your username and avatar on here if you're a stalking victim.

I didn't know iPods could be hacked either! That's a new one. 

I worked at AT&T in the Executive Response Team for the CEO for a while and had a customer who's phone had been hacked and no matter how many we sent, they were able to get into it and make calls using his phone from other phones and steal his data, etc... it was quite scary but we hadn't seen anything like that at the time, so my managers couldn't do much about it. I think he switched carriers. Anyway, I know that can happen. Securing your phone with a passlock helps, but also make sure all apps are password protected, too.

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