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could gabapentin be increasing time spent dreaming or awareness of dreams?

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Title mostly says it all.  Is it possible that gabapentin is either increasing the total amount of time spent dreaming or my awareness of my dreams (if I'm dreaming the same)?  I feel like one or both have gone up substantially and although I've changed other things (down on seroquel, up on latuda being the main), the gabapentin has been the most directly linked to sleep (as far as why I'm taking it). 

Just curious.  And if one or the other is more likely, which?

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I can't remember gabapentin in specific.

What I can remember is, 

often when there's a change on meds, it usually gives me two if I'm lucky three awesome different dreams states mostly on consecutive nights.

After that it just become a lucid dream here or there but infrequent, I can say recently it's mostly nightmares that for me is a sort of free 'exposure therapy' but sometimes I have wonderful dreams.

On those late stages I can't link to medication because this happened all my life.

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I'm glad you at least sometimes have good dreams and not nightmares.

perhaps it's just due to the dosage increase then because it feels like it's stopped for now.  And I have a vague recollection of it cropping up earlier.  That's probably a good thing because I'm used to not remembering my dreams and I have no clue how the content would turn out.

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