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hi all didnt know where to post it (not sure if here or in the mood stablizers) but i have a question what does cause more weight gain Zyprexa Or Lithium? been on Zyprexa 6 years and a half gained like 20Kg(dont know how many pounds it is) i know that compared to other itsnt such a major weight gain but just wanted to know what to expect when i do the switch from Geodon to lithium and the weight gain...

thanks for your advices....

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For me there was no comparison. I gained a HUGE amount of weight on Zyprexa, about 40 lbs. I think I may have gained a couple of pounds on lithium at the beginning.

I had to quit Zyprexa because of the weight gain but have been taking lithium for over 13 years without any problems 

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I was on lithium very briefly but didn't gain any weight. Zyprexa I gained 100 lbs nearly. It was a miracle med for me but I just couldn't gain weight anymore. I took it for many years too. It just kept piling on. I even tried the zydis and still gained weight. I switched to Seroquel XR and have finally been able to lose weight (probably over 35 lbs now). 

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