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I did online ones and this comes in handy.  The journal part is where I can vent off steam to no one but me.  The actual mood / meds tracker has been useful when I've sat down with GDoc who is always a bit twichy about prescribing benzos.  I did a "med check" with her and was able to show "This is what I was dealng with, this is how many benzos I took and when.  And this was the result"   It also was good for getting me off a drug that was mostly just a tablet full of side effects.

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5 minutes ago, dancesintherain said:

I was hoping for a mania and psychosis category, but it seems like those don't exist? 

You can edit the categories any way you want. It's customizable. You can add/delete categories and make up your own. Whatever you want.

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I'm a convert to the T2 mood tracker...I like that you go through the various characteristics and don't just choose a number.  I hate choosing numbers.  I just had to come up with something for psychosis/wtf that is.  for now i've got it labeled as psychosis because the post-traumatic stress category didn't have a paranoia thing and I didn't want to change theirs, other than declaring head injury at least not relevant. 

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