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After the fact analysis--trustable?

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I'm currently putting the crazy present aside and looking at the crazy past tense.

going through a stash of emails from prior to when I fell off the planet (ended up heading inpatient after being convinced that everything at work was being done pursuant to a plan...among other things), I think I may have been hypo for at least most of June.  I can't tell definitively but it seems at least like a likely possibility.  I'm hoping its mild enough that it wouldn't have been noticed, but I'm not going to hold my fingers crossed too long on that one.

so--have you ever felt after the fact that an episode started earlier than you initially thought based on something like emails, posts, whatever else might exist in the concrete proveable world?  

I'm not sure to what degree I'm basing this on an after the fact wanting to think it was earlier than initially thought reading versus a realistic reading.  So curious about other experiences.

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Yes, I definitely have.

There have been a few times in my 20+ years that I've been semi stable and have started feeling the "everyone's plotting on me feeling" only to realise later that I might could have recognized it earlier and possibly adjusted meds and helped myself.

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I stopped looking at old emails, found too many that were sketchy.  :)

When I do a good job of journaling it's naturally much clearer to me in terms of timing and the degree of the behavior. Sometimes I look at what I wrote 2 days earlier and question that I wrote it. If I don't do journaling, the mood state entries and exits are blurry in my memory.  

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Thanks...the knowing symptom patterns is a work in progress.  But I definitely noted extremely lengthy emails, which mirror my extremely lengthy posts here.  I'm naturally long-winded when I have numerous things to discuss, but I can usually be at least slightly more brief if it's not as dense an issue.

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