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Ami vs. Nori effects on Norepinephrine Reuptake (NR)

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Hi Folks - I have been trying to pull some stats on the effects of  Amitriptyline vs. Nortriptyline on norepinephrine reuptake (NR).  What I am seeking to understand is whether Ami's effects on NR are less than Nori's?  I have read snippets of conflicting literature, but in all most have been pretty vague on the whether it is less, more, or equal.

Issue at Hand:  

I tolerated several - Lexapro, Zoloft, and Prozac - SSRIs pretty well, albeit sufficiently therapy at lower doses than for most, for depression prior to this period of migraine hell - specifically Migraine Associated Vertigo.  I have trialed Effexor and Nori (now) and they have been equally difficult to tolerate with heart side effects, I am thinking due to NR.  I have had more success with Nori though and was hoping that maybe Ami had lesser effects on NR and the heart, so it might be a better avenue for me to pursue.  

I understand about titration - low and slow method to tolerance.


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