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was it really ocd? ...and am i really getting better?

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So i have noticed since moving into my own place (alone, no roommates), my OCD has diminished greatly. i think i have figured out it's because pretty much the bulk of my OCD (reverse hoarding, ordering, just-right obsessions, etc) had to do with the need to know the exact location of every item in my home. it wasn't associated with any particular fear, i just felt "off" if i didn't know where everything was, and if the locations where all of those things were were no just right. so i think living alone is helpful because nobody is touching any of my stuff, therefore i always know where everything is and everything stays right where i want it to be. so is this really an improvement....or just succumbing to the compulsion? and if i don't really want to give up the comfort of knowing where all my stuff is (no desire to fight it at all), was it really ocd in the first place or possibly ocPd? i think it's definitely rooted in a need to control the environment...isn't that more of an ocpd trait since there isn't really a specific obsession with it (aside from needing the feeling of just-rightness)..or am i just overthinking this bigtime? should i bring this up with my therapist? i have been noticing different anxieties popping up since moving into this place, such as a fear of germs and contamination i never really had before as well as some health-related anxieties (really more like just anxieties about the human body in general) and calorie counting for no good reason (i don't even want to lose weight) and needing my body to feel empty at all times. soooo...i may have just replaced the devil i knew with one that's even worse...

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Seems like a reasonable thing to bring up with your therapist.

I wonder if living alone decreased your stress in general and it's a reasonable adaptation to how you are.

Though the newer things you're noticing, sounds like it would be good to keep an eye on those just to make sure they aren't getting out of hand. 

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