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Fixing to be tested for narcolepsy

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I have a post in "shake, rattle, and roll" stating that I have been having seizure like activity and due to my descriptions of everything from seizure like episodes, sensory hallucinations, (especially with sense of smell, but have had one visual and auditory upon waking up), to growing so tired that I can no longer fight it and no one can wake me (complete with total muscle paralysis) my pcp has referred me to be tested for narcolepsy among other things.


I guess my main question is, does anyone who suffers from it grow extremely nauseous or light-headed if they try to fight it? Eating and staying hydrated do not help. I go to bed early and wake up early. Only a nap helps be it short or long. Just heavenly sleep.

Also, is narcolepsy only micro sleeps? I generally try to fight my fatigue as long as possible but I do not take several naps a day. I usually end up with one big one after my body takes over for me and I can't fight it anymore. It just doesn't seem to match with what I have read about narcolepsy so I figured I would ask on here. :)

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