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  • 4 weeks later...

i'm trying it for anxiety.

but i had to slow down the pace of my taper b/c i was getting mental ick side effects.

so i'm still at 100mg a day and will prob stay here for a bit....

i hope it works.


slow tapers are hard but i have to do it.

tell me more about how it's worked for anxiety for you?

what about cognitive side effects?


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As far as anxiety goes, I rarely have panic attacks or have to use my Xanax any more.

I have had no cognitive effects, which is wonderful.

I did have some problems when the pharmacy filled my script with 150mg capsules instead of 50mg.  I was titrating and at one point was taking 750mg a day.  My husband noticed before me, that I was acting really strange.  He told me it was like I was unable to distinquish between my sleep world and my awake world.  When I noticed that I was taking a higher dose capsule, I fixed that and I am much better now.  Of course, that was my fault for not checking the med bottle.

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