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So I live with six other people. Two of them are constantly watching me, it seems like. If I need to use the bathroom, one of them is in there in a flash. When I need to leave my room to do something, one of them comes out of their room, or arrives at home right at that moment and comes inside. If I need to use the kitchen one of them is in there right away. One of them is walking around my bedroom right now (outside and inside the house - he literally stopped outside my window).

This isn't something that's occupying all my time. It's causing some distress, although I realize they are probably not actually watching me. This is really mild compared to what I was like unmedicated, but it's still really frustrating to deal with. I am not likely to get a resolution until I move next month, but I hope people have good coping mechanisms to suggest.

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I'm sorry about the distress.  I can relate.

Have you asked any of them about if or why they are watching you?  They might deny it but you never know, one might say yes.  Do they have a reason to constantly watch you?

Have you brought this up with your tdoc/pdoc?  They might be able to give you some good coping mechanisms to help deal with all of this.  I can't think of anything off-hand right now, but hopefully others here can chime in.


Just a thought ... Next time you wonder if someone is watching you, I'd try asking the person right away (as they come into the kitchen, or whatever).  Kind of catch them off guard.  Idk, just a thought.

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I'm sorry this is happening. 

I'm in a very similar situation right now.  Talked to pdoc about it and he didn't know if it was real or not because he wasn't there, and I could not prove anything other than my suspicions.  There just have been so many coincidences that have been going on for awhile now.  It is completely frustrating, and kind of angers me.  There isn't anything I can do about it though. 

I hope your pdoc can help you out.  I wouldn't want the distress to become more than it is now.

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