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Remeron Newb

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the 'pms' is an abbreviation appended to the generic name of drugs, so that just means you're taking pharmaceutical-grade generic remeron. which is good, as that's what you were prescribed.

i took remeron fewer than three times - the exact details are a bit hazy to me. remeron did not like me at all, but that's because i'm an enormous freak. i know several other people who have taken it quite successfully with no real side effects at all.

remeron will make you SLEEP. you may already have figured that out. you will certainly wake up from that sleep, but you may sleep a bit later than you want to, or a bit deeper than you usually do, but hey, that's why you're taking it. i would take it perhaps an hour before you want to go to bed until you know how it affects you, but spend that hour close to bed in case you become sleepy, because it can really make people konk out quickly.

some people can have unpleasant dreams on remeron, but by far the most common side effect is the craving of sweet and tasty snacks. a better sleep pattern and lots of candy! see, remeron isn't so bad.

as for dosing, i'd take it according to the directions on the bottle.

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hi kneel,

i started at 15 mg of the brand-name remeron pills. i took them 15 mg each night, something like an hour before bed i think. but it was a bad drug for me. yes, it knocked me out, but it made me suicidal. and it made me snack like a fevered pot-fiend in a chip factory, although i would have put up with this if it worked for me. but i HAD to stop taking it because of the suicidal tendencies. i was up to 30 mg when i quit cold turkey. i am now taking seroquel to knock me out at night and reduce my obsessive thoughts and anxiety (but i still have to keep fighting a tendency to look like the pillsbury dough boy (i.e. fat)). i know that it has been a wonder drug for bobby though.

good luck with it.


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Just a thought on the quantity you were prescribed:  you said you were prescribed a 3-week supply of 15 mg tablets, and you got 11 30 mg tablets.  That's 22 15 mg does, or just over 3 weeks.  Perhaps the pharmacist didn't have 15 mg tabs, or the 30 mg are cheaper or something.

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>>>1. How long before bed should I take my 15mg dose?

An hour would be a good start.

>>>2. What type of feelings can I expect that are normal while on Remeron?

Sedation! If you are sensitive to norepinephrine drugs, you may also feel stimulated at the same time. If this is the case, your body may adjust or it may just get worse. For me Remeron was great for a year then it turned on me and I got way overstimulated on it.

>>>4. Anyone taken the generic version?  Any difference?

Only generic mirtazapine (sp?). Seems fine.

>>>6. Say I take my Remeron and I lie awake tossing and turning all night.  Should I even bother going outside the next day?  I say that because I feel weird enough as it is going outside not having slept for 24 hours.  But this time I might feel all drugged up.

Anything you feel should be within 1-2 hours.

>>>9. Any precautions I should take while on this drug?  Such as drug or food interactions.

Shouldn't be anything with food, other than wanting more of it.  ;)

>>> I

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well i started remeron for two reasons: to decrease depressive symptoms and to gain weight.

the weight has definitely been gained... I'm someone who had been real skinny her whole life stuck between 110 and 115, and well now Im at a nice (not so nice?) 150ish after about 3 1/2 months. So expect to gain some weight- I will say I did not exercise nor watch my diet, so maybe if you do that, the weight wont be as much.

my honest experience: took generic remeron at about 10 pm, was knocked out cold within 30 mins, woke up around 11ish the next day and walked straight to the fridge- took everything that was edible out, microwaved it and had a mid-morning feast.

so will it help for sleep? I do think so. I never had sleep issues in the past, but I do know that I am dead tired within an hour of taking this pill. One day I took a nap, then woke up and freaked out because I thought I had slept the whole night thru 2pm and forgot to take my pills. So I run over to the cabinet, take my pills, later realize- you took a nap dummy!- then passed out again for the next 5 hours, completely wasted day...

Moral: take your meds at night.

Im sure someone has already mentioned that remeron is supposed to be more sedating at the low levels so the 7.5 would be good.. but if you have anxiety/depression then maybe you want to go with whatever your doc said.

good luck

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hey sweet...

i've been on 60mg. since 2002 for panic 24/7 n associated depression...it has worked great...take it an hour before bed...the first couple of weeks you'll sleep like the dead (at least i did)...then the sedation gets better...it's like takin' a potent antihistimine...plus a feeling of just smokin' some cronic...but you'll have ta give your body a chance ta adjust ta it!!!

you will have the munchies (there's that cronic again)...if they get ta be too much the only suggestion i have found is alot of gum, h2o, n diet pop!!!

good luck hon n if ya need more info bout any of this you can p.m. me any time!!!

n yes you are a little paranoid...but with panic n sleep deprivasion that is understandable!!! ;)

good thoughts ta ya!!!

flutterfly xo

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I'm also on Remeron, has been along with efexor, for long-standing treatment resistant depression (to quote my psych)with anxiety and panic attacks. Also I had baaaaad insomnia before I was on it. I now sleep really well. I take it about an hour before I go to bed.

Personally I've had no weight issues and no munchies (if anything the total opposite, but ask me again when I'm off efexor completely).

I started out on 15mg for the first week then upped it to 30mg as instructed.

With efexor I had awful start up side effects, but with Remeron, peace reigned.....

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Interesting reading this thread. I saw my pdoc about two hours ago and he prescribed mirtazapine. I've been having severe problems lately with anxiety/PTSD and not sleeping well, so everything I read gives me at least some idea of what to expect.

But please, G_d, anything but weight gain...

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it sure has helped my anxiety/PTSD type stuff and insomnia (the first night I took it I slept 5 hours solid without waking up...I was so disorientated in the morning...hadn't slept that long without waking in years!)

I haven't had a big prob with the munchies. Maybe because I'm still on efexor....but dried apple pieces are good. ;)

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I've been on 30 mg Remeron since June 2005 and I have actually lost weight. It did give me the munchies in the hospital but I've found that if I go to bed when I take it, I fall asleep before I get hungry. The first night I took it, I wasn't sure how it was going to affect me. I was up watching TV with my roommate--we'd both taken it--and within 20 minutes we were both falling asleep. We could barely walk to our room. The next day We were both like zombies. She had a hellacious appetite and I had no appetite at all. That night I took it again and went straight to bed and woke up feeling refreshed.

Now though, just Remeron doesn't do the trick for me. I take 50 mg Trazodone, 30 mg Remeron, and 200 mg Seroquel. Only the Trazodone was added for sleep. The Seroquel just happens to have that affect on me. I also take 150 mg of Effexor at night. I expected it to mess me up and keep me awake but it makes me sleepier. So theres no way in hell I can stay up more than an hour past the time I take my night meds. I like Remeron though. It's good stuff.

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Remeron will make you hoover sugar directly from the bag.

Stock up on dougnuts.

Be prepared to gain at LEAST 20 lbs. I hope this is a DESIRED side effect.

Oh yeah...and if you have roomates? Warn them about the wierd dreams and sleepwalking. If you live alone? Make sure you can't get out of your house without difficulty.

Whenever someone mentions Remeron around my Homies, we burst into giggles and yell " JOE! 40 percent! 40 Percent!" Cos that's what he woke us all up to tell us. He said it would avert the Apocolypse.

And like I hadn't learned by example, I went on the stuff, and proceeded to duck and cover behind the furniture in a dead sleep, at 4am, yelling "GET DOWN! GET DOWN! THEY'RE AFTER US!"

Ohyeah, and gained 40 lbs, mostly on Little Debbies and Code Red Mountain Dew.

Now I'm on Topamax and have dropped all that and another 60, because Topa makes sugar and especially High Fructose Corn Syrup taste like total and complete ass. And when I wake up, it's usually to check on kittycats and fall back asleep without moving myself, or the furniture.

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im gonna start my own thread because after reading someone elses thread it occurred to me that posting my questions on this already exsisting one might be construed as hijacking and i donna wanna do that to someone elses thread. please forgive....

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