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    • By morpheus
      Hi all. I'm in early remission of opiate abuse/addiction, physical withdrawal are gone,but psychological are not and start really bothering me, because i start to feel these intense  cravings for opiates, i remember highs and that make me feel hopeless. Feel like I had lost my best friend. How do you fight these cravings?
    • By jt07
      The story is here. It was also on our local news. I can't seem to find the exact study citation. When I do, I will post it.
      I don't know what to think of this. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd say they were laying the groundwork to severely restrict or outright ban opiates given the current climate towards them.
    • By Euphorica
      Okay, back in Winter 2011 I got into prescription painkillers. I had just had a major surgery and was prescribed hydrocodone to deal with pain. I started out okay but I noticed that taking this med not only lessened the pain, it also took away my anxiety which I had struggled with all my life. So long story short I went from hydrocodone 5mg to oxycodone 15mg abuse by early summer 2012. I ended up in trouble in August 2012 and my use of these meds was cut drastically. I did, however, continue to take them when I got my hands on them all the way up to September of 2013. Heck, for most of 2013 I also was abusing my neurontin prescription but something clicked in September of last year and I just let it all go. I quit Neurontin and I have taken an oxycodone once since then.
      Fast forward to now and I have just started college and have been put on ritalin and these past few days I have taken one or two more than i am supposed to because it literally wears off after two hours. It does not give me that feeling that painkillers did but I am afraid that I am going to get addicted and I do not want that. This med (ritalin) helps me greatly and makes me feel like a person but it just isn't lasting like I had hoped.
      I guess my question is this; In your opinion, should I just stop while I am ahead and not take this medicine even if it is helping me? The last thing I want is another addiction but I also do not want to fail another semester at school (already failed 4).
    • By mcjimjam
      Hi so I hurt my back (probably weightlifting) quite a while ago (3 months.. 6 months? idk) I went to a physiotherapist and he said he thought it might be a herniated disc. Later I saw a GP who thought it was just a muscle strain. He prescribed Mobic, which is an NSAID and ordered an Xray. The Xray didn't show anything. The Mobic seems to help some, but not much.
      I'm not sure where to go from here. I'm extremely scared that this will become chronic pain. I've got a new GP recently but have been working with him on another issue. Should I make an appointment with him especially to discuss this? Or go back to the physiotherapist? I don't really know what to do.
      Also, since I hurt my back I've been using OTC paracetamol/APAP 500mg+ Codeine 15mg tablets most of the time. When the pain's bad, it's all that makes it tolerable. I take two tablets, four times a day when I'm using it. I ran out recently and as well as the pain coming back, which is expected, I just didn't feel "right". My nerves felt really jangled and I felt kind of trapped. The world was harsher and more abrasive.  
      I fear I might be getting addicted to the codeine. I haven't had any physical w/d sx, so I think it's more that I've become accustomed to the doped up feeling. I don't think I'd have any trouble kicking the codeine, if it wasn't for the pain. I can bear these psychological w/d sx for a while, but after a few days with the pain I just can't take it and go buy more.
      So I don't know what to do about that either. Is it possible to get addicted to codeine even if you follow the directions on the box? 
      Is it possible that codeine is worsening or prolonging the pain, in a way similar to how benzos can worsen or prolong anxiety (sometimes)?
    • By curiouscandela
      I apologize for my initial post. I've deleted it. I didn't mean to be insenitive. In my curiosity, I sought to understand something that doesn't make sense to me. But curiosity killed the cat, and I should just be grateful that I don't feel a buzz from opiates. That's not to say that I'm safe from their effects. I realize I could get addicted to any addictive substance, which is why I take precautions.
      Instead, let's make this thread about what's helped us with our recovery.
      I've found AA helpful, especially my wonderful sponsors over the years. Also sponsoring other women has been really therapeutic for me. I feel like I have so much to give back because I was given so much. I went to rehab 3 times( one time on scholarship, and one time I got 2 weeks of treatment and outpatient free). After my first stint in rehab, the director of the rehab met with me once a week for 2 years for free out of the kindness of her heart. I did sober living for a year. I had a spiritual awakening, where I realized it was my job to do God's will and that God's will for me was to stay sober and help other people. I've had numerous helpful therapists. For years my pdoc was a highly talented addictionolgist who saw me on a sliding fee scale.Taking the medication naltrexone has helped me. I also found Brennan Manning's The Ragamuffin Gospel to be helpful. My family has been supportive and so have friends.
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